Thursday, 4 June 2015

African choice, harmonica extension!

Hello people,

I received very pleasant feedback today about the blog, from an unknown to me person, which is actually pretty nice. So I feel like sharing some little more vibes with you.

The tune featured tonight is just landed in my crates few days ago.
I read a post recently on another fine French reggae blog about tunes with a bit of mouth harp/harmonica in them ( which was very interesting so here is a little addition to that topic.

As you'll see the A side of this nice 12' titled African Choice from Hopeton Lindo has a supacool extended version with nice harmonica instead of the usual melodica. It gives a very nice bluesy feeling to that slow paced early 80's tune.
I didn't found much about H. Lindo on the web ut from the labels and photos, it looks that he's an 80's to 90's period singer. And apparently, he travelled to Canada as this cool record comes in a nice company sleeve made there.

B-Side is not as good (regular rub a dub stuff) but you'll have it also!

Hope you like it, peace to ya all


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